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Author Name : SNL

Hi all, I am 35 year old female from Canada , with history of ectopics which lead to tubal factor infertility. We decided to be back home ( India) for fertility treatment.
We are extremely happy to be introduced to Srishti hospital by one of our relative who had a successful ivf in srishti. The hospital staffs were really helpful and made our fertility treatment very comfortable.
Amazing team work by all doctors and staffs.
Whenever we reached them with questions, Dr.Dash and team, Dr.Usha, Dr. Sindhu Bhairavi, Dr. Sneha gave us reassurance (without any delay) with their extensive knowledge cum experience. Overall we had a positive experience with Srishti.
Considerably low cost is an added advantage to patients at Srishti.
We would highly recommend this hospital for patients suffering from fertility problems as we had success with our fresh IVF cycle in the first attempt.
We thank all the staffs and team to make this process easier to undergo.

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