What Causes Female Infertility

By AdminPosted On 24-Oct-2016

“Infertility” is not a diseases. This word only indicates that the couple could not have children even after regular sexual intercourse.

Female infertility – the inability of a woman who is ready to conceive at a reproductive age .

Infertility is divided into two primary and secondary.

Primary – Pregnancy does not occur even once in her life.

Secondary – Possibility of pregnancy was initially high, but eventually fades.

What Causes Female Infertility

In total there are 16 causes of female infertility. All of them can be divided into the following groups:

  • Psychogenic factors (3-28%);
  • Violation of ovulation (endocrine infertility) (35-40%);
  • Tuboperitoneal factor (20-30%);
  • Various gynecological diseases (15-25%);
  • Immunological causes (2%).

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Treatment for infertility in women

As in any other disease, the most important thing here is to identify, prevent and eliminate the very vcause of infertility. This procedure may include a number of sub-procedures: vyrovnivanie hormonal levels, recovery of tubal patency, removal of tumors, removal of endometriosis, etc.

It is very important to choose the right specialist in your location. In the treatment of female infertility is required. Modernmedicines leave woman with chances to concieve. You can use the method of artificial insemination, in which your egg will be delivered through physical intervention sperm donor.

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